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Urban Architecture Model


Our Work

With over 50 combined years of experience in manufacturing, sales and construction, we have a passion for working from the beginning until the end of an architectural project.  We respect the role of the manufacturer to bring an architect's vision to life as well as the contractor, who ultimately owns the fiscal responsibility to construct in real time.  The balance needed to maintain the architectural intent, while maximizing the client's budget is where we consider ourselves to offer tremendous value.  Serving the southeast US, we are constantly engaging firms in person and electronically to help keep things on track and on budget.


In order to do this, we establish your budget, quote through a manufacturer's agreed pricing strategy and then book your order(s) directly from you to them in compliance with their systems and terms.  Please note that these terms are different for each manufacturer and Shield also has it's own terms regarding cancellation of order (10%), pricing that has expiration dates, sample procedures and limitation of liability, given that the orders are placed directly with the manufacturers. 

We do this to provide consistent service and quality with regards to pricing, design assistance and overall customer satisfaction.

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