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Matthew has been in architectural and building products for over 20 years. Having worked with national accounts, architects, contractors and GC's all over the globe, he has understood how to connect companies with excellent service and products.

His focus is on finding innovative products and connecting them with customers, while offering a superb level of service from design through installation.

Marta Aebischer

Marta is responsible for developing relationships with the design and construction community. She has a wealth of Marketing and Sales experience working on large and small scale domestic and international commercial projects. 


She believes that the value a representative firm offers is in understanding the nuances of all of our manufacturers and how the technical characteristics of products can meet design and budgetary requirements of each of Shield's clients.

Dan Acuna

Dan has over a decade of sales experience and working with real estate, development and commercial projects. He understands the process of building a structure from the inside out and how to make it happen in the real world, while balancing technical and budget requirements.

His expertise in leading and managing a project brings a level of sophistication to the team for how to develop and grow relationships with contractors and dealers.

Matthew Aebischer

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